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Over 4 million professionals served in the fields of education and behavioral health.

In our 40+ year history, Triad Behavioral Health's brands have demonstrated a proven track record utilizing cutting edge tools and research. We've grown to become a powerhouse in the field of behavioral health.

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To support, guide, and shape the mental health field.

Triad Behavioral Health’s mission is to provide educational resources to behavioral health specialists. We utilize our industry affiliations to understand upcoming behavioral health trends, groundbreaking research to understand how people learn, and multiple targeted delivery systems to create a student-to-practitioner continuum of education. Our products and services provide behavioral professionals the information they need, when they need it, and how they need it, to help their clients and thereby to improve society.

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Guiding our brands and promoting best practices in the field

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Triad Behavioral Health's Research Institute is a study of learning, behavioral health, and research-based methodologies. It guides our brands and encourages best practices within the field of behavioral health.

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The mission of the Triad Behavioral Health Research Institute is to inform research-based learning methodologies and to promote improvement in the field of behavioral health.

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Research Programs

The Research Institute is actively involved in research directly related to the fields of learning, behavioral health, and education.

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Social Workers Rise to Grand Challenges

The Grand Challenges for Social Work is designed to continue to tackle the major challenges we face. These challenges are an exciting way for Social Workers to continue to be involved in both individual wellness and the wider issues we face in our society.

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Quality Over Quantity: 3 Ways to Focus Your Studying

Quality Over Quantity: 3 Ways to Focus Your Studying

Do you get anxious when you look at all of the topics and prep questions you need to cover for your exam? It would be easy for you to get lost in all of the information that you are expected to know. Here are three tips to stay focused on quality, not quantity!

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