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Triad Behavioral Health Acquires Gerry Grossman Seminars

Gerry Grossman Seminars Launches Opioid Abuse, Addiction, and Treatment Education Course

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 15, 2018) -

Gerry Grossman Seminars has released a new opioid education course for behavioral health and community health professionals to assist in the fight against the rising number of opioid addictions. The new course titled, Opioid Abuse, Addiction, and Treatment provides timely information on the growing nationwide epidemic of opioid abuse and how best to help those who struggle with dependencies to opiates.

“Through the development of this course we hope that the importance of the issue of opioid abuse and addiction can be better understood,” said Gerry Grossman, LMFT, principal author of the course. “Opioid Abuse, Addiction, and Treatment will help specialists understand their role in helping the clients they see whom are grappling with dependencies. Additionally, this course supports our ongoing efforts to address the crisis that we see currently affecting many families across the United States.”

In early August, the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy published an article in The Therapist Magazine by Gerry Grossman Seminars that gives an overview of the opioid abuse, addiction, and treatment continuing education course. View article here.

The full education course available at covers multiple content areas, including:

  1. Descriptions on the origins of the opioid epidemic and the current public health consequences related to opioid abuse.

  2. How to identify common opioids and the physical and neurological effects that their use has on the human body.

  3. Assessment techniques and how to identify screening instruments for opioid abuse.

  4. Application of different treatment modalities, including implementing therapeutic approaches and providing appropriate referrals.

About Gerry Grossman Seminars, a Triad Behavioral Health company

Gerry Grossman Seminars’ mission is to offer high-quality clinical training to mental healthcare associates and licensed professionals regarding timely and relevant topics and to further enhance the skills and knowledge of licensed mental health professionals through a wide array of continuing education subjects and platforms.


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