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Guiding our brands and promoting best practices in behavioral health and learning.

Demonstrated Thought Leadership

Demonstrated Thought Leadership

Our directors, staff, and scholars collaborate to encourage best practices, inform research-based learning methodologies, and promote improvement in the field of behavioral health.

Facilitating Research-Based Solutions

Facilitating Research-Based Solutions

The mission of the Research Institute is to guide the industry from the granular to the overarching utilizing cutting edge research and learning methods.

Collaborating and Idea Sharing

Collaborating and Idea Sharing

The Research Institute actively collaborates to generate team-driven action items that influence the brands, the market, and the fields of learning, exam prep, and behavioral health.


Researching and applying the data to our brands is what sets us apart from other exam prep companies. Our success is reflected in our customers' successes.


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With over 40 years of research, experience, and innovation in the mental health and education professions. Here are just some of the research topics we’ve presented.

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Combining Couple Therapy with Individual Therapy by the Same Therapist Team Using Early Memories

Very little has been written about combining individual and couple therapy in clinical practice. Even less common is the practice of combining individual and couple therapy as a co-therapy team. This paper examines the therapeutic merit of combining individual and couple therapy with the same set of patients as a psychodynamically oriented co-therapy team.

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