Who We Are

Triad Behavioral Health is a North American leader, serving over 90% of the market through innovative products and services. We want to help you help others.

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Shaping the Industry from Student to Practitioner

Triad Behavioral Health’s mission is to provide educational resources to behavioral health specialists. Triad utilizes industry affiliations to understanding upcoming industry trends, digs into groundbreaking research in order to understand how people learn, and employs multiple targeted delivery systems to create a student to practitioner continuum of education.

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Shaping Behavioral Health from Practitioner to Client

Triad Behavioral Health strives to continue to be the North American leader for behavioral health education, career growth, and research. Through the development of products created to help behavioral health professionals increase their efficiency, Triad helps those within the industry to help their clients, thereby improving society.


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We believe in behavioral health, in serving those who serve other, and in furthering the cause of mental health.

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We provide the support that mental health professionals need throughout their career.

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We strive to continually provide the best customer support and quality products known within the industry.

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We hold ourselves to the highest standards and ethics as a reflection of those within the field of behavioral health.

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We're here for you, wherever you are in your career.

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Our success is dependent upon our customers and those who they serve. We're dedicated to helping professionals achieve their career goals.

Brands You Trust

Our four flagship behavioral health and educational brands make us unique in the marketplace.